Who We Are


Our company “Compañia Agricola Independencia, S.A.”, (CAISA) was established in 1999 according to the laws of the Republic of Guatemala.  It is a family run company and it´s purpose is to develop and administer agricultural projects for export.

In the year 2006, we began developing a project involving the “Pisang Mas” variety of banana trees, which produces the exotic bananas commonly known as Bananitos or Baby bananas.  Our project began production in August of 2007 and continues to this day.  Our operation provides jobs to many of the residents of local nearby villages, such as of Cacao, Jimeritos and Cayuga.

Our Bananitos project was developed at our farm Nogales which is located on the northeastern part of Guatemala, close to the Caribbean.  Nogales is strategically located, just 50 Kms from Puerto Barrios in Guatemala and 55 Kms from Puerto Cortez in Honduras. Because of this convenient location, we are able to maintain ground transportation costs competitive, reducing ground transportation time, ensuring freshness and proper handling of our Bananitos.

Take a tour of the farm by visiting the photo gallery.