We are as passionate for promoting our country Guatemala, as we have a passion for growing and exporting our fine Baby Bananas or as we locally call them: BANANITOS!

Guatemala is a country enriched with beauty and has so much to offer. With that idea in mind, we´ve diligently worked to create a brand that represented who we are and where we come from. While searching for a concept that could simply explain where our product is grown, we came up with the word TROPIC, which indicates that our BANANITOS are grown in our country´s beautiful Caribbean region. Now, after having selected a word that represented our fruit´s origin we needed to come up with a catchy way to tell the world where we are from. 502 has always been Guatemala´s country code and you need to dial this number before any other to get in touch with anybody. After many brainstorming sessions, we decided to put them together and this is how the name TROPIC502 and our brand was born!

Every time the TROPIC502 seal is placed on our BANANITOS, it ensures not only that our customers are getting an excellent quality product from Guatemala, but also that it was produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.